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My Dog Has c.l.a.s.s.

My Dog Has CLASS B.A.

  Your dog will learn the following through fun games & exercises

  • Wait at the door

  • Come & leash-up manners

  • Loose-leash walking & attention

  • Meet & Greet

  • Leave-It

  • Wait for the Food Bowl

  • Stay

  • Settle

  • Give & Take

Class Frequency                                    Course Duration

                   Sunday                                                       6 weeks

Class Dates                                                            Start Times

4/5/2020                                                                        6:30pm

4/19/2020                                                                       6:30pm

4/26/2020                                                                      6:30pm

5/3/2020                                                                        6:30pm

5/10/2020                                                                       6:30pm

5/17/2020                                                                       6:30pm  

Class Price                                                     Class Location

  $120+tax                                                     5865 Owenton Rd

                                                                              Frankfort, KY.

Early Bird Pricing(Sign up & Pay by 3/17/2020)


***Your dog must know the  H.S. Class curriculum in order to                 participate ***                                            



What is C.L.A.S.S.?

Dog behavior is a complicated mix of environmental, mental and physical factors that can change depending on the circumstances.  The goal of c.l.a.s.s.(Canine Life And Social Skills)is to make it your goal to continuously work with your dog to create well-behaved, well-socialized companions. 

C.L.A.S.S. is a 4-level group class curricula for pet parents to test real-life social skills with their furbaby,

  • H.S.(High School) - Sit & Down, Come & Collar Grab(recall), Off-Leash Heel, Basic Stay, Confidence Course, Name Game, Comfort Around Food Bowl, Meeting Strangers, Body Handling.

  • B.A.(Bachelor's) - Wait at the Door, Come & Leashing Up Manners, Loose-Leash Walking & Attention, Meet & Greet, Leave It, Wait For The Food Bowl, Stay, Settle, Give & Take.

  • M.A,(Master's) - Wait in the Car, Calmly Pass By Other Dogs, Wait at the Door with Distraction, Sit-Down-Stand, Body Handling, Loose-Leash Walking & Leave It, Stay with Distraction & Distance, Out of Sight, Out of Mind(with Hand Targeting,

  • PH.D.(Doctorate) - Advanced Loose-Leash Walking, Back Up, Advanced Stay,Advanced Come & Leashing Up Manners, Meet & Greet with Body Handling, Attention During High Distraction, Table Manners, Do You Really Know Sit?

Why C.L.A.S.S.​?

  1. Improves relationships between you and your dog.

  2. Promotes Positive Reinforcement and Ongoing training.

  3. Reinforces Responsible Pet Ownership

  4. Provides real life skills that you can use with your dog

  5. Taught using games that are fun and keeps you and your dog engaged.

  6. Gives your dog an outlet for their energy.

  7. Training can lead to other things such as dog sports and games

Equipment Needed:

  • Leash - 4 - 6 ft. No Retractable Leashes allowed

  • Collar and/or harness. No choker, pinch, or shock collars allowed

  • Treat Pouch

  • Treats - a variety of at least 100 pea-sized treats, preferably soft.

  • Mat for your dog's comfort

  • Chew Item or food stuffed toy

What is Required of You?

  • Must bring record showing your dog's up to date vaccinations

  • Must be able to control your dog

  • Must not have Fleas

  • Must sign a waiver to participate

  • Must clean up your dog's messes





Upcoming Events
My Dog Has C.L.A.S.S. B.A.
Sun, Apr 05
5865 Owenton Rd, Frankfort, KY
Apr 05, 6:30 PM – May 17, 6:30 PM
5865 Owenton Rd, Frankfort, KY, 5865 Owenton Rd, Frankfort, KY 40601, USA
Your dog will learn through fun games and exercises. Wait at door, come and leash up manners, Loose-leash walking & attention, meet & greet, Leave it, Stay, Settle, Give & take, Wait for food bowl